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A dedicated virtual assistant

On demand professionals trained in customer service,
sales, marketing and back end systems

Effective Guidance

Plans, tools and advice on how to use, delegate
and manage remote workers for maximum effect

Grow your business

Focus on the next steps, not the day to day
and ignite your business growth


Take all the busy work that you need to get done, and have a trusted virtual assistant knock them out of the park for you!

Use the time that you get back to take the next steps and grow.

  • Phone calls? – Answered
  • Email? – Responded
  • Employee Schedules? – Arranged
  • Social Media? – Social’ed
  • Supply orders? – On their way

  • Personal tasks? – Done!
  • Competitor Research? – Researched
  • Travel? – Booked
  • Much, Much More

Its time to get more done

Every virtual assistant comes equipped with the skills your business needs to succeed and the support to make your business grow.

Virtual Assistant Skills

Fluent english, friendly and warm, the perfect voice for your customers to interact with

We’ve seen the movie, ABC its the mantra to live by!

Get out of your inbox and back into your business. SparkSource VAs can handle customer inquiries, delete the spam, and filter through to you whats important

Give your social media campaign a kick! Consistent posts, researched articles, funny memes! Get interacting with your audience.

Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Gmail, Photoshop and more!

SparkSource Support

Need help with your marketing basics? Looking for general marketing ideas? We’ve got some proven marketing advice to help get your name out there

Looking to implement a better scheduling system than post-it notes on a board? We’ve tried all of the systems and your VA can make recommendations and implement a solution for you

A successful social media campaign consists of two things, great content and consistency. We have advice on the first and proven posting schedules and themes for the second

No experience managing someone, let alone a remote employee? Don’t worry, we want you to succeed, so we’re here every step of the way with a detailed onboarding process, weekly advice and friendly email and phone support.

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Simple steps to a better business

Grow your business,
balance your personal life

We’re with you every step of the way, to help you delegate, to help you grow, to help you get back to the things that are important.

All of our Virtual Assistants are trained in customer service, sales, marketing and back end systems, and all are backed up by the SparkSource team.

So get ready to focus on the next steps, not the day to day, to ignite your business growth and get back to getting on dominating your market.

We’re Here To Help Your Business Blast Off!

From the first phone call of the day to the last email at night, we are here to help you succeed!